The town gate of Monkie Town with our heroes, my SigFig and the town entrance sign

Monkie Town

Monkie Town is, after Megapolis and Lantern City, the third largest city in the kingdom of the Monkey King and his successor MK a.k.a. Monkie Kid.

The city is known for its colorful and diverse life, which is why visitors from other parts of the Lego world always like to come to Monkie Town.

Longer distances within the city can be covered by the Skytrain. The city also has a large harbor that connects Monkie Town with the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits by water. In addition, the ultra-modern city also has a spaceport, from which there are regular flights to the Chang'e Moon Cake Factory on the moon. But the city currently has a problem - space to build is running out....

In the near future, the whole city will not only be completely rebuilt and expanded. The whole room is also being remodeled a bit to create more space for new ideas.

More about these new plans can be found soon in the news.


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